Friday, 3 September 2010

Please, can I have some more (work)?

Oh I miss editing! I've still been doing my voluntary work whilst being on maternity leave but I really miss getting my teeth into a large project. So once my baby hit 5 months I thought 'the next one I'm offered I'm taking', but I didn't get offered anything. Then on returning from holiday almost a month ago I decided to officially come off maternity leave.

The email took some writing as some of my clients weren't aware that I'd actually stopped working for a while - just that I was too busy to help them earlier this year. The message was eventually sent 2 weeks ago - please, can I have some work?

Several email addresses bounced back, not a good sign. A couple of clients replied to congratulate me and say they would think of me if anything came in but they hadn't got anything at the moment. The others have remained silent. My OH has come home form a hard day's work every day this week and asked if I've got any work, have I sent another email? I can never judge when it is best to send a 'begging for work' email - as I don't really want to appear as if I'm 'begging for work' I want to appear as though 'I have plenty to get on with but as you're nice I'll just squeeze your project in as long as you pay me on time' which I've been able to carry off quite well for the last few years.

Just looked at my bank account - £16.32 - best get that email written then ....

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Daphne - Curtains said...

Thanks for this post. Have a happy holiday (shopping) season!